Average 400 meter time for adult (Read 497 times)

    Anyone can improve speed by simply training FAST for at least 1 week. Are you training for the 100 meters? That's easy: go to your local High School track and run individual 20, 40, 100, and 200 meter sprints FAST at 100% of your ability. Take a 1 to 2 minute break in-between sprints. Run up and down the stairs in the stands quickly for 1-minute intervals. After every workout STRETCH (especially the hamstrings!) for a good 15 minutes at least.


    The 200 and 400 meter sprints are completely different animals. Not only do you need to build your speed, you must also train your body to tolerate the high amounts of lactic acid that build up in your legs during these longer sprints (this is commonly called "hitting the wall")

    The only way to train your body to tolerate the lactic acid buildup is to run lots of 300, 400, and 800 meter sprints at 80%-100% of your ability.

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      On the track you can do 40 to 60 minute repeats walking back to the start for recovery. Focus on your form. Start by pumping your elbows back and raising your knees as you run..


      That's one heck of a long repeat.

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        Looking at the WADA age grade calculators 15 seconds for a 25-30 year-old is the equivalent if

        15.7 seconds for a 40 year-old

        16.8 seconds for a 50 year old

        17.9s for a 60 year-old,


        For the 400m, 1:11 would be the equivalent of

        1:16 seconds for a 40 year-old

        1:22 seconds for a 50 year old

        1:28  for a 60 year-old,


        (My 400m PR (I've only run 2) is a shameful 72s but I will improve by 10 seconds in the next 2.5 years).


        There's nothing shameful about a 72s 400 at all, especially at 52 years.


        I've been running 400s on my street which is a 400m circle - with perhaps 30 feet of  elevation change - and doing 88s.


        I'd love to get 72s though - am only looking to get perhaps down to 80 this summer.  Am 55 now.