Wore down cartilage (Read 165 times)


    Hi everyone!!

    Does anybody had a wore down cartilage? Any suggestions, recomendations? Does anybody know any cure or is there any cure?

    I'm quite worried about it, and will apreciate any comment and advice you can give me.

    Thanks in advance!

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      How do you know you have worn down cartilage?  Do you know what caused it?


      There is no cure, per se, as cartilage cannot be replaced once it is gone.

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        Whoever told you it was "wore down" should be able to tell you how to get it fixed as good as new.  I have had lots of adjectives hurled at me by Orthopedic Surgeons regarding my knee condition, but "wore down" isn't one of them.


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          I've got worn down cartilage under my left patella. It can't be fixed, good as new or otherwise. My left knee has had a clicking and grinding in it for the past 15 years or so and it's gotten slowly worse over time. I don't run up stairs anymore, but it hasn't previously bothered me in any other way. So far it hasn't prevented me from running. BUT I had an MRI on my left knee and fibula and peroneal nerve for other reasons after my marathon in July,  and my orthopedic surgeon told me based on that MRI that I need to cut my running way back and start biking a lot more, to preserve what little cartilage is left. . He says every run I do now comes at a price, and eventually the cartilage under the kneecap will wear through and  the patella will be bone-on-bone with whatever is underneath it.  And then running will not be possible.  

          So yea, I've got wore down cartilage. Its caused by injuries, genetics and old age. In my case it runs the family, on my mother's side. 

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            Hi everyone!!

            Does anybody had a wore down cartilage? Any suggestions, recomendations? Does anybody know any cure or is there any cure?

            I'm quite worried about it, and will apreciate any comment and advice you can give me.

            Thanks in advance!


            I've been told the same thing, but I have found that it is actually only knocks to the knee that are painful. I don't have any issues running, so I'm ignoring it happily.

            One day I decided I wanted to become a runner, so I did.

              I'm only 40, and I might be closer to Cecil58's description but at a bit younger age.  Grinding / clicking right knee the last 10 years when going up the stairs in the house,  and a history of knee replacements in the family.  . (Since I am stubborn, I am still doing 'stair sprints' on occasion since there is no pain).      But about the 'worn out' cartilage, that is pretty vague and it would indeed take an MRI and close analysis to truly define what the current state of your knees is.


              ---Slight subject change:  In the past couple weeks, I have met 2 different folks who still run the local races.  One has a hip replacement and one had a knee replacement.  (I overheard the knee replacement guy talking about running on Hoka shoes + able to run well).  


              If the worst case scenario ever hits any of us in our later years, is it common to be able to run races on knee replacements?


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                MRI doesn't show everything . Last year I hurt my knee . I had x-rays the Doctor said it didn't look bad , good joint space only one spur . This knee has had 3 surgeries in the past . Went to another Doctor , he looked at the -rays said it didn't look bad sent me for an MRI . The MRI showed a tear in my meniscus . Went for surgery the whole story changed , I had almost no cartilage left on the medial side and had a piece of bone floating in the joint as well as the tear . I was told no more running and expect a partial replacement in 6 months to 3 years based on how bad it looked . I was also told by more than one health care professional that the replacement parts are not designed to hold up to running and running with one at my age would mean having to get another one down the road .


                I did listen to what they told me , I have continued to run and will as long as I can , then I'll walk . Maybe they will come up with a better alternative for people with worn out joints in the mean time .


                I did also switch to Hokas

                  If it is in the knee, a viscosupplement with weekly injections can help preserve the cartilage, reduce pain and help body produce more of its own lubricant in knee known as hyaluronen. Do the weekly series of injection (3, 4 or 5) vs the single injection products like Synvisc One. Look for Supartz or Hyalgan - they work best And most pure on the market.  No side effects at all. i have 2 running friends who gets a series of Supartz every 2 years and it works great allowing them to run until it starts to wear off over time. One friend is age 43 and other is 61. My wife will be getting Supartz soon also for her knee arthritis. Something to think about.

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