Low drop, neutral, wide forefoot w/ some cushioning? (Read 1934 times)



    All due respect, I very much highly doubt anybody's foot is shaped like the BOTTOM of Instincts.  It is possible--there's always an exception--but, unless you have a very tiny arch toward the heel (usually people have the arch more toward the front), nobody's foot is shaped like that.  That said, granted, some people do have more straight-ish foot.  Most of NB shoes are very straight (except for some of those Minimus shoes) and many people love them.  Your foot MAY FIT IN on the shape of Instincts correctly (there's difference) but I highly doubt the shape of the bottom of your foot is shaped like that--just because the sole has those toe-like thingie, it won't make it "foot-like".


    No offense taken, Nobby.  Suppose we're mostly just splitting hairs--the *inside* of the Instinct conforms closer to the shape of my foot than anything else I've worn/tried on.  I actually took off my shoes at lunch because I hadn't thought about it--my arch is only a little smaller towards the heel.


    I'll admit the bottoms look funky and not all that foot-like.  I also think the white midsole near the arch at the heel exaggerates the shape of them.

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      And the winner is New Balance 730 <=>    


      These shoes seem to be the perfect fit for me at this time.  They have a low drop and are nice and wide

      at the mid foot /toe box area.  The sole is thick enough mid foot to cushion against rocks etc.


      I have 273 mile ons my first pair.  This includes one marathon and one 50k.  They worked out fine for both of these.


      My only real complaints are that the upper material doesn't appear to be all that durable and the shoe strings

      are made of that nylon crap that doesn't stay tied.   But for $54.00 (on sale w/ coupon) I can't really complain too loudlySmile

      Actually I went back and bought two more pairs.  One for walking around and one as a running spare. 


      They can be found at Sports Academy as well as Running Warehouse. 


      I have no doubt that they will now stop making them Wink


      MTA:  Also ran a half marathon in the same pair.



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        AND in comes in reasonable colors?!  Weird.

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          AND in comes in reasonable colors?!  Weird.


          Yes!  That too!    


          I have canary yellow for running and black for walking aroundSmile



          OCD  If you don't laugh...