Can not remove weight from workout (Read 361 times)

    I'm having trouble removing the weight in my workout entres. 

    When I edit my workout I remove the weight and save. But it still appears in the workouts table. 


    You can have a look at my last entries. The weight from 10/15 is correct, the ones from 10/17 and 10/19 are incorrect. ( This is another bug I think it automatically copies the weight from the last gps import but does not remember if it was in pounds or kg.


    Thanks! Smile


      I am not able to reproduce the weight problem.  I created a workout and specified the weight and then saved it.  I then edit the run and deleted the weight and then save it again.  The weight is no longer there.  What am I doing different?


      I checked the code for copying of the weights and it is specifying the weight unit so it should be correct.

        Hmm strange. I made a quick video cause 24 img/s is worth more than just a screenshot which is worth more than a thousand word.

        Maybe I'm doing something wrong Smile 




          Thanks for the video!  I was looking at the wrong place!  I found and fixed the problem.  It will be included in the next site update.