Plantar Fasciitis - Outside Edge of Foot (Lateral) (Read 71 times)

    Has anyone else had any experience with lateral plantar fasciitis? I've been training for a half marathon and have been having no issues until last weekend. I ran 7 miles on Saturday and then 3 miles on Sunday both days wearing yak traks. I didn't have any unusual pain or soreness during or directly after. Later Sunday afternoon while I was walking at the grocery store, the outside edge of my foot started hurting so badly that I couldn't walk on it unless I walked on my toes/ball of foot. I came home and iced it and took naproxen and have been basically doing that for over a week as well as wearing wedge shoes to help take the pressure off the back of my foot. The pain has gotten better over the last 8 days and is now a dull ache that occurs on the outside edge and sometimes into my heel if I have been standing too long or walking too much.


    I saw a podiatrist yesterday who said that I strained the fascia on the outside of my foot there and his recommendation was to continue naproxen and icing for next two weeks. I have also started doing some cross friction massge on the tissue there as I can feel some crackling scar tissue.


    I don't have the usual PF symptoms of pain in the morning that eases up throughout the day. I really don't feel any discomfort unless I wear shoes without an elevated heel (even my running shoes seem to bother me) or if I walk or stand too much. And even then, it's just a discomfort at this point rather than pain. If I ice it and stay off my feet for a little while, the discomfort goes away. And if I wear heels, I have no discomfort walking at all.


    At this point, I can't run on it, as running in running shoes aggravates the lateral fascia.


    Anyone experience this and can tell me how long it took to heal? Or if there is anything else I can be doing in the meantime to speed recovery?


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      Are you sure it's PF?  I'm not a doctor, but it sounds more like peroneal tendinitis to me... mostly because your description sounds a lot like what I went through with that.

        What were your symptoms and what did you do to rehab? How long did it take to go away?


        The podiatrist told me I sprained the lateral fascia on the bottom of my foot.  So I guess I'm as sure as I can be, but I've wondered after doing some google searching if it might be peroneal tendinitis .


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          Like you said, it was fine one moment, and then suddenly it wasn't.  It felt almost bruised, and there actually WAS a small bruise on my foot.  I couldn't walk unless it was on the ball of my foot because the motion of rolling from the heel to the front hurt like crazy.


          I was going to PT anyway, so that helped some, but I didn't run for two weeks.  I was able to cycle because it only hurt when I had to twist my foot to unclip, not while actually riding.  And I did manage to run a goal half a couple of weeks later and set a huge PR, so it turns out not to have been the end of the world, even though it really did suck.


          Also, acupuncture.  That helped a lot.

            When you started running again, did you still have any pain or discomfort?


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              I tried once during the two weeks, and it hurt, so I stopped.  After that, no, it wasn't really painful... it felt a little sensitive, but I think that was mostly in my head.