finished my 2nd race, ever (Read 173 times)


    I started running in February.  I've never run before.


    Just finished my first 10k (my first 5k was a month ago in March).


    I always hated running--that was until I discovered motion control/stability shoes and most importantly, my doc gave me an inhaler.  Apparently, I've had exercise induced asthma my whole life--diagnosed just a few months ago.  No wonder I hated running! It's so nice to be able to breathe.


    I'm training for a half marathon in May and submitted my registration today.  I'd like to run it in under 2:40

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      Congrats !  Very inspirational ! Next time I'll think twice before I blow off a run due to some BS excuse . Good Luck !

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        Run until the trail runs out.

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          Never in my dreams did I think I'd be running more than a mile or so and, the best part: enjoy it.


          I'm training for a half marathon in May and submitted my registration today.  I'd like to run it in under 2:40


          Great work!

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          Sub-3:30 marathon; run for a year free from major injuries or interruptions

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            Wow, fantastic!



            Life is short.  Running makes it seem longer.

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              Slow and steady wins the....  wait a second! I've been lied to! 


                Congratulations!  How wonderful that you're overcoming so many obstacles and pushing back those limits!  Hope your training for your first HM goes smoothly!


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                  Good work! Keep it up!

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