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    My wife bought me a pair of Colosseum  2 in 1 shorts that are fantastic, they are about 6" to 7" long perfect running shorts for me.  They DON'T ride up when I run.  I definately do not have large thighs or legs but these are the only shorts I have ever had that stay down when I run.  The problem is I cant find them anymore to buy more and mine are wearing out, I have been running in them pretty much for 2 years three to four times a week.  On their website it doesn't look like the sell to the general public.  Does anyone else have a good experience with longer running shorts that stay down where they are suppose to?


      Try these:


        I don't think anyone would want to see me in those!

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          Uh, no reason, but....where is this race?  Blush


          Try these:


          I  guess as you get more bodacious, you begin to lose more brain cells, because there is a limit to how much magnificence your body can house


            Uh, no reason, but....where is this race?  Blush



            It looks like it's in South Africa.  You could go enjoy the race & the Pistroius hearing at the same time.

              Have the same problem.  I am not going to wear a sunga (Brazilian word for speedos) and your other choice usually in stores is ghetto basketball "shorts" that are long enough to trip over!  Don't they just make regular shorts anymore?


              I finally did find some online and all my shorts now are size L.  Technically they are "training" shorts.  I used to wear XL when in fact my waist has gotten smaller the past 10 years.  I guess that is to make people feel better that they don't have the larger size on the tag?  America is such a healthy place!


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                 I used to wear XL when in fact my waist has gotten smaller the past 10 years.  I guess that is to make people feel better that they don't have the larger size on the tag? 


                Exactly. There's even a name for it in the clothes industry. "Vanity Sizing". Especially common in women's clothes. A size 12 or 14 (just an example) is MUCH bigger than it was 10 years ago. Because if a woman is deciding between 2 garments, and one is a 12 and one is a 14, she'll buy the 12 (generally) even if the fit is the same. Just a  psychological thing i guess.

                  I have the same problem, shorts riding up.


                  Rather than find shorts that don't ride up, I have always found shorts with a liner that doesn't ride up.  I don't care if the outer material rides up a little, as long as the inner layer stays in place and prevent chaffing.


                  I have a few pairs of Nike's that are great for this, as are my Lululemon running shorts

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                    I wear these compression shorts on every run. They keep things where they need to be, and nothing rides up or falls down, so we're all good.



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                      Try these:

                      Hey! I've got one of those...but in leather and chrome.


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