Training plans for Aug 2014 after 3:09 in my 1st marathon (Read 64 times)

    Firstly thank you for your helps, including how to protect my dick Smile,  to get my BQ in my first try.


    Now can I consult you to schedule a series of training plans to target August 2014?


    1. Shall I just keep building my aerobic, then follow Pfitz 18/70 plan at the end? Or

    2. Shall I do a few cycles and race a couple marathons in the middle? Or

    3. Follow some short distance cycles, such as 5k, 10k plans to get speed first?


    At the moment, I am following pfitz's 5-week recovery plan.

    5k - 20:56 (09/12), 7k - 28:40 (11/12), 10k trial - 43:08  (03/13), 42:05 (05/13), FM - 3:09:28 (05/13), HM - 1:28:20 (05/14), Failed 10K trial - avg 6:10/mi for 4mi (29/08/14)