1st Double digit run ever! (Read 1463 times)

    I just ran 10.54 miles!  Big grin    First time ever in the double digits!  So excited!  Started out thinking I was going to run 6 - 7 miles and it was just such a pretty morning and I was feeling great, so I just kept going.  When I got home, mapped it out and was amazed I ran over 10 miles!  Never thought this would happen.  4 months ago, I could hardly run 90 seconds without stopping!  I guess all the hot summer running has paid off! 


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        Nice!  great job!

          Awesome! Congrats!

            It is a great feeling!  Congrats!


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              Woo hoo!

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                good for you!  congratsSmile



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                    Wow! That's great progress in 4 months!

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                      You know what this means, right? You need to hit triple digits sometime in the next 4 months. 

                        Great job! My first 10 miler still stands out as my favorite run ever. Smile

                          Yep, I (dimly) remember that first 10 miler- it's a big deal and quite a milestone. If you used kilometers you would have been in doulble digits weeks  ago.

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                             I guess all the hot summer running has paid off! 


                            It really helps!  Wait 'til it gets really cool.  I can hardly wait!  Awesome job Kathy!

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                              Congrats!  My first 10 miler is still my all time favorite run ever...one of those moments when everything fell into place and I felt like I could have ran forever. I hope you have many more!

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                                Awesome! Great progress. I love those moments when you realize what you're truly capable of.

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