28 minute run (Read 981 times)

    Finally made it to week 8 of the C25K program. 28 minutes this weekend. Woohoo! Kimmer
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    Needs more cowbell!

      Yeehhhaaaaa! You're almost a graduate, baby! Big grin k

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        Congrats, Kimmer! That was a big point for me in C25K - Once I could go for 25 minutes, I could just keep going!
          Way to go! And way to keep up with the consistency in your training (I peeked at your journal). Your consistency is even more impressive than your results! Cool
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            You're awesome, girl!!! Cool

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              Congratulations! I'm a new runner, too and the milestones mean a lot.


                WAY TO GO !!!!
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                  WOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO WTG!!!!

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