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    I bought brand new ASICS GEL-PHOENIX  3 


    You shouldn't buy a shoe just because it shares a name with pretty much your favorite animal. Gosh!

      Maybe you strained your post tib or something. Any knots in your calf, perhaps on the medial side, about 3-5 inches above the ankle? 





            You've been here long enough to make your log public.  That way, we won't think that you are a troll.


            Toe running will trade your arch misery for another.  If you can really feel it in your calves (how do they feel today?), you're just a few miles away from Achilles tendinitis or a grade I calf muscle strain. 



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                Yeah if the shoe is too stiff then I suppose toe running could neutralize that problem, but forcing a forefoot strike, if that's not natural, could lead to bigger problems. I'd try to visit a good specialty running store and get fitted.

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