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    Does anyone know if there are any hydration belts that will hold a disposable bottle, instead of a bottle that is part of the system?  Or if the Nathan, Amphipod, etc., will also hold a disposable bottle, eg. a 10 oz. disposable bottle.

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      I haven't seen anything like that. You could try using a pepper spray holster and put the water bottle there instead of pepper spray.


      i haven't used this product, but it may help you. It's called "runnur". Their website is http://www.gorunnur.com/


      not really sure if the product works well for runners, though (definitely looks better than a fanny pack, which would be yet another option).


        Sorry, not that I know of.  Just curious though; why would you want to use disposable bottles?  I have the Amphipod belt with two bottles and it works great in my opinion.


          Don't have good bottle washing skills.

          Next Race:  IMT Des Moines HM, 10/19

            Nathan has a belt that perfectly holds a G2 20 oz bottle.  the bottle rests on on your lower back and is at a slight angle so it is very easy to retrieve and replace without fiddling with it.  very comfortable too.  the belt also houses an ID and has a small zip pouch that you can squeeze a lot of stuff into! - i.e., GU, sports beans, lip balm, aquaphor, salt packets and mustard.......


            oh and it does come with a bottle.

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              Ordered Amphipod Runlite w/2 bottles from RW.  Do you know if they are freezable?

              Next Race:  IMT Des Moines HM, 10/19