Commit to a sub-4 marathon in 2011 -- then run it (Read 4262 times)

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    Elyria, OH on November 6th: 3:39:45!


    Did a race report here!

     Great report. WTG.

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    50miler 13:26:18

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      Very excited today.  I did it.  I trained hard these last 18 weeks specifically for a sub-4 finish.  My first marathon last year (CIM), I struggled the last 6 miles and finished 4:13.  This year I followed Pfitzinger's 18/55 plan, did core strength training 3 days a week, and leg strength training 2 days a week and had myself ready.


      Unofficial finish at yesterday's CIM of 3:51:01.  Best part of it, I ran the entire thing.  Last year I had to stop multiple times.  This year, I just kept pushing.  All aspects of the training played a part in my finish.

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        wow!  and congratulations!



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