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    In all honesty the bashing of NYRRC in this matter in utter nonesense and uncalled for. Give me a f'in break.


    Let's see...


    Any other year without a 100-year storm causing $70-$100 billion dollars of damage, 50+ deaths, destroying Staten Island, etc. etc.


    You cancel your entry into the NYC Marathon, you get guaranteed entry into next years race, but you still have to pay the fee and you don't get a refund. This is the way it's always been.


    Let's see. You deferred Boston 2012 to 2013, you didn't get your entry fee back and you got guaranteed entry into 2013 but still had to pay. How the F is that different.


    Let's see. You register for Chicago and can't make the race for any reason. No refunds and you still have to pay to run the next year.


    However, NYRR offers to give you a FULL REFUND and you still can run 2013 IF you do it the normal way.,


    You're all a bunch of whiny babies. No wonder people think runners are asses and elitist.


    You know what? I criticized before I researched.  NYRR is offering a full refund. Bravo.

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      You know what? I criticized before I researched.  NYRR is offering a full refund. Bravo.


      They probably should....they do have event cancellation insurance to cover this cost, and well as (some/most? depending on their claim settlement negotiations) of  their lost revenue.

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        Interesting perspective.  Not knowing the policies I thought they would have instead done the opposite:


        1) No refund

        2) If you want to run 2013 you do it for free.


        Maybe "loss aversion" makes their way less costly for them.


        We've done free events where I work and find everyone will RSVP and 30-50% will actually show. It's hell trying to get your catering numbers right. If you charge even an extremely nominal fee less people register but most people show and you get the catering right. Everybody gets drunk and fed and happy.

          Well, we got our email.  15 days to decide.  So, what's everyone gonna do?  I'm still thinking refund.


          ETA: From reading FB, it looks like a) one person says they have some language in the Terms and Conditions saying they may limit the number of time qualifiers for 2013, and b) someone else wrote that if you select guaranteed entry for next year, you have to pay now.  But, someone else is saying this is not true and payment will be later.  Never a dull moment!

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            I just submitted my choice, and I bit the bullet and selected 2013 entry.  I was a 3 strikes and your in for 2012, so I didn't want to waste 4 years of entry and waiting...

            It said you had to pay upon completion of your application, but I did not have to pay yet.... maybe I'll have to wait another 2 months for an email about that.

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              I also opted for 2013. I'm a little confused about when we have to pay and officially register. I'm sure more info will come.

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                I took the refund.  I already have the 2013 Half and had already planned for no 2013 Marathon.  They're getting it all back.  I've done two NYRR races since November 5th and I'm paid for two more.  I'll get more as the year goes by.

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                  I'm in for 2013.  Now officially the most expensive marathon ever.

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                    I'm in for 2013 too.





                      Even though I felt like gambling on getting in with a qualifying time, I went with the 2013 guarantee.  I really want to run it with my BFF and she's supposed to get in this year after being denied 3 years (but they won't confirm until they resolved the 2012 people).  If she gets in and then I don't, I'd be kicking myself.  So, I've done my part to make it happen.  If she doesn't get in, we'll try again in 2014.


                      So, let's try this again!  We [heart] New York!  Orange ponchos for everyone!

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                      My blog is JT Running DC.

                        Good going Julia.

                        I e-mailed NYRR about the application, here's what they replied:


                        We expect that complete information about entries and the application for the 2013 ING NYC Marathon will be available on the website mid-March.  It’s a good idea to check the website periodically –

                        You should also receive a notice from NYRR when the application is available.




                          Looks like registration opens April 24- May 24





                            I already can't wait for race day.  Unfinished business.


                            Looks like registration opens April 24- May 24

                            Fate loves the fearless. – James Russell Lowell


                            My blog is JT Running DC.


                              I'm not officially in for 2013, it'll be strike three.  Officially will be in next year, but I have a quick question for those NYC veterans.  When did you book your hotel?  And what is the best location to stay?  I was thinking uptown or Manhattan.  I will be traveling solo, or with my momma.  So please give me some advice?




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                                Jodi, I thought they abolished the 3 strikes and you're in rule?  No?

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