New BMI calculator proposed (BBC) (Read 342 times)

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      Mine went from 21.6 to 21.5.






        I think these are called the Athena and Clydesdale divisions for females and males respectively.


        I'm about 9 lbs too light for Clydesdale. Not only does the BMI calc call me fat, it also thinks I'm short. In real life I'm never accused of either.

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          In my local race circuit women are Athena if they are 130+ lbs. At my height that means a BMI of 18.1.

          I want to do it because I want to do it.  -Amelia Earhart


            Why worry about BMI anyway?  It means nothing.  Says nothing about muscle tone or development, nothing about percent of body fat, nothing about heart health, lung health.  Nothing about risk of cancer or diabetes or if you're gonna die in 5 years or 50 years.  It does nothing whatsoever.

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