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    What is the maximum distance you will drive race-day morning, for a race? I am considering a 2 hour drive ... but suddenly that seemed too far away for a comfortable 8.15am start though. What's your experience been? Smile

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      I'd say about two hours. Anyway, the drive home will be a lot more umcomfortable!

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        Umm... the maximum distance I HAVE driven has been about forty-five minutes... the max I would.... about an hour and a half.
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          The very first race I did was at the Jersey shore, I live in PA, it took me 2.5 hours to get there. I agreed to run with friends, and we had fun so it was worth it, but....I won't drive that far again for a race. I like to stay a little more local. I think that furthest I'd drive now is an hour (depending on the the cause of the race).


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            For a marathon, any distance. For a 5k, maybe 15 - 20 minutes.
              For a marathon, any distance
              I'd expect no other answer from you Trent. Smile


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                I'd expect no other answer from you
                Big grin The related question is: What is the shortest race distance you would travel to run? Say, travel at least overnight.
                  It wouln't depend on the distance on the race for me, it would depend on how important it was.