New Timex GPS Run Trainer -can't upload data (Read 325 times)


    I received a new Timex GPS Run Trainer for participation in a medical study during IMLP last month.  


    I've started running with it a bit more (usually I run with my garmin, but it died so I was running with my wife's garmin).  Anyway, to get to the point:


    I can figure out how to get RunningAhead to recognize the watch when it's plugged into my computer.  


    Do I need to download something that I've skipped?  I set up a training peaks account, which Timex suggested, but I don't want to use, and I downloaded the Timex Device Agent, but is there another step I need to do?  When it's plugged in and I attempt to upload my run to this site, it tells me no device is detected.


    I've become less tech savvy as I've become older, I guess.

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      No direct experience...but I had a vague recollection that it was discussed here and poked around to find this discussion here on RA about importing the pwx files it makes.

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