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    It depends for me. The really old beat up ones I use for mowing the lawn. The old, but still usable ones I'll bring out to run with on rainy days or when I expect mud on the trails. The old racing ones I just keep as mementos, but don't run in anymore. I still have my old high school cross country and track racing shoes stowed away in my closet.

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      You can also donate them to charity.  I send mine to Africa under a program setup to provide gently worn shoes that are used for health and wellness programs in Kenya:



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          Mileage-wise, depends on the shoe.  I'm in the Kinvaras right now, and usually 300-400 miles in them.  They seem to die quicker in the winter, probably something to do with them getting soaked most runs. 
          I usually donate them.  The athletic centre at my university has a box for donations, I believe they go to inner-city kids.  (goody2shoes program)

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            Most of them get donated. Seems like 500 miles is the average life span.

              About 500 miles. I recycle old shoes at local running store or Niketown.

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                  I get about 1200-1500 miles out of a pair of shoes. I then retire them to yard work.

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                    I'm new enough not to have a real baseline.  This Spring I wore my shoes to LRS and tried on one shoe of the exact same model.  Even though I'm a CSOB I could not deny that there was a huge difference.  So old running shoes become new daily wear shoes (I dress casual. Only.)  Old daily wear shoes get tossed in closet for evental "dirty deeds duty".  Old DDD shoes get shoved even further back into closet.

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                      Mine are usually too smelly to donate for anything.  Usually get about 1100km

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                        Depends on the shoe.  I get anywhere from 200 miles (NB 1400's) to 400 miles (Mizuno Wave Runners) out of my shoes.  If they are in decent enough shape when I'm done with them, I donate them.  Otherwise they get chucked.  I don't keep a collection of old shoes in the house.  I have two pairs in active rotation, and one pair for gym/casual use.

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                          800-1200 miles  After that, I might wear them around the house or to work etc...but then they tend to work their way back into rotation...which isn't good.  After that, I generally recycle them, when I'm done with them their not in condition that anyone at all would ever want to wear them.

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