Mama said there'd be days like this (Read 301 times)

    It happens. 


    +1 I think that's the general theme of this thread. I also had an awful, worst ever run during my current training cycle. Hot and humid day for a long run (15 miles) that felt terrible. HR spiked over 200 and I tried going veerrry slow, but HR still up over 160. Didn't know if it was due to the heat or to physical fatigue, but went out and did a 9-mile aerobic run the next day with no pain. Sometimes it's the next day's run that tells you what is going on -- whether it's just a bad day or a sign that you need more recovery.

    2014 goals

    1800 miles; 5k < 25:00; 10k < 53:00HM < 2:00



    NYC Half Marathon 3/16Boston Marathon 4/21; Newport Liberty HM 9/2; Trenton Half Marathon 10/8

      FWIW I did get out yesterday for a 5 while traveling for work and felt considerably better despite temps in the 90s and unfamiliar routes.


      We'll see what tomorrow's 8 brings.