How to avoid having naked photos stolen by hackers (Read 4047 times)

A Saucy Wench

    Post your naked self pictures here.  Make thread interesting.

     make thread horrifying?

    I have become Death, the destroyer of electronic gadgets


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    Ostrich runner

      I wish she had a phone like mine with an 8 megapixel camera.


      Cool Jump Suit

        Hackers get a bad rap with anything having to do with computers or golf. 

        So bittersweet,
        This tragedy
        Won't ask for absolution;
        This melody,
        Inside of me,
        Still searches for solution.
        A twist of faith,
        A change of heart
        Cures my infatuation.
        A broken heart, 
        Provides the spark
        For my determination.

          Won't happen to me because I'm not a Weiner.

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          but food has no beer value - Jake Knight  


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            at least Tater is now wearing pants.  and a hat.


            In an infinite universe, the one thing sentient life cannot afford to have is a sense of proportion





              at least Tater is now wearing pants.  and a hat.



              Thank god.

              Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject. - S.J.

              Prince of Fatness

                at least Tater is now wearing pants.  and a hat.



                That's not me.  Treadmills are for sissies.