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Ostrich runner

    I listen to Science Fridays on NPR on my long Friday drive.


    fur immer <

      Runners are wicked smaht.



      on the contrary! runners are dumbasses....and then they take it straight to the bike.


      i was hoping to find some cool new tunes in here i haven't heard...stuff with a beat...oontz, oontz or head banging shi.... stuff so i can further my education in dumbassery.

      en holzernes nickel ist alles seinen wert.  








        Bloomberg Podcasts!

        There was a point in my life when I ran. Now, I just run.


        Well, fuckers

        He still stands


        The Diary of a Once-ran.


          +1 to This American Life.  I usually run with music but when I want to make sure I slow down, I'll listen to that podcast.  I never know if I'll find myself laughing, crying, inspired, angry...  They have some really interesting topics.


          Edited to add: For example, I can remember the run where I listened to the Ghost of Bobby Dunbar.  I was riveted.  Fascinating story.

          Tough times never last, but tough people do. – Dr. Robert Schuller