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    So the last month or so I've been squeaking out 10 miles a week, if lucky, due to this pain in my left knee. After zoom-zoom suggested the knee band, I've been making some progress and was actually able to go a full 5 miles today with little pain. So here's my dilemma. Around the same time I started having knee problems, I did two things. I increased my mileage pretty significantly, and I bought a completely new brand/model of shoe with less stability than my previous ones. I was feeling good and starting to hit 100 miles/month then, boom, I couldn't go 2 miles without the left knee shutting down. So I did 3 things to ease the pain. I quit running in the new shoes (Puma Eutopias) ...I took it really easy for about 4 weeks, with one week completely off, and I bought this knee strap and wear it almost every time I run (have been doing a little here and there without it.) So, if anyone has been through anything similar, do you suggest that I try to slowly introduce these shoes back into my runs or just ditch them? I paid 120 for them so it's hard for me to swallow not running in them at all, but it's way harder to only go 10 miles a week. I'm just not sure if my pain was caused by overtraining or a combination of that and new shoes. I don't want to risk making my knee worse again though. I have used nothing but Brooks Adrenaline GTS 6's since I started running a couple of years ago. They are getting harder to find, but I can still pick them up on ebay when I need a new pair.
      Personally I would buy new shoes. I would try to work back up to decent millage with the strap and the new shoes. Once you are comfortable with the millage I would try then use the original shoes. If you find it wasn't the shoes you end up with a spare pair. If it was the shoes you need to get out of them as soon as possible before the problem gets worse. Total win-win situation.
        I also have a left knee issue that is likely related to increasing mileage too quickly and sprinting the finish of a race about 2 months ago. I had stopped running and have now resumed but at a much slower pace and much shorter distances. I am going to both massage therapy and physical therapy. In addition, I purchased a strap. My problems began with ITBS symptoms and have progressed into hamstring tendon. I am now doing streching and strengthing of the quads and hamstrings. It is a painfully slow recovery process but I am committed to doing what ever it takes to get back to the mileage I was at before I got injured. I would recommend you get a consult and possible get a referral for massage, physio and/or custom orthotics. Hope things work out for you.

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          I'd go back to the shoe you were in before the problems. I've had similar experiences in the past with different shoe models. They feel great in the store, but after a week or two of running, I get some new aches and pains, ankles or knees, usually. I comes on very subtle, so its hard to always match the cause to effect. Its really aggravating when a shoemaker changes something in the model you were in with no problems, then you have to experiment to find another good match. I just bought 5 pair of the ones I've been in for that reason. I'll still have to go through the experimentation eventually, but I intend to postpone it for as long as possible.
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            When shoes get too old, the soles lose the power to absorb shock. Of course high heels hurt the legs in any condition.