Great hospitality for runners in Crowne Plaza Amsterdam (Read 59 times)

    Just came back from a nice run while on vacation in Amsterdam.  Was pleasantly surprised in the lobby to be greeted by the concierge with a "runner's package" consisting of a fresh towel, a protein shake, a smoothie and a note saying:


    "Hope you had a fun run around town.  Please enjoy this complimentary protein on us"


    Nice touch!!!

    2014 Goals

    Weight - 200 lbs (not happening!)

    2000 miles (Over 2000 and shooting for 2400)

    Stay healthy for Boston 2015 (So far, so good)

    Marathon - 3:05 (Didn't happen - Took and shot at sub 3 and blew up a bit)

    5k - 19:55 (19:43 July 4, 2014)


      Really nice touch!  I've never heard anyone mention that happening to them - ever!  What a creative way to make your guest feel special!

      Use your momentum...keep going.  You know you can make it.



        I've gone running in Vondelpark there--nice.

        Wonderful city. Great people. Have to watch out for the bikes!

        Almost got run over a fews times (my own negligence).

        Loved seeing people riding their bikes to work in suits and nice dresses, briefcases in their baskets.

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