Sizing on running tights (Read 122 times)


    in looking at buying some nike running tights only is ive never worn them and dont know what size to order and i have to get them online. Im 6"2" and rather skinny from experience what do you guys think I should get. THanks.


      For me it's the same as my shorts, mediums.



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        For me it's the same as my shorts, mediums.


        That's what she said.


        I find dt2's statement to be correct.


          I have found that to be true as well, except for CR-X tights, which seem to run small on me.  (Plus, I think the support overlays need to fit just right at the knee, so leg length is more important than with other tights).

            I would size up a little bit above your normal pants size. With tights, if they're a little bit big, it's not a big deal, but if they're a little bit small, it's annoying to get them on.

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              ^^ I agree, and FWIW, I like my Mizunos better than my Nikes.

              Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject.

                I'm 6'2 and <170 lbs.  I wear the brooks vapor dry tights, they fit very well in large, and would recommend them for cool to somewhat cold weather (25F?).  for very cold weather I just bought the brooks utopia thermal tights (large), but they are too short and will go back.


                i'd also appreciate any suggestions for longer / tall tights....OP pls post back if you find a pair that fits well...


                if your stuck with Nike only, i'd go with the large.


                  If you're tall and slender, you might want to look at SportHill tights. For their more popular items, they offer short, medium, and tall options, so you can get tights that fit both your waist and your inseam.

                    I'm 6'0" and 170lb. The Sugoi Mid Zero and Sub Zero fit great in Medium. They are generously long and they are the best I've tried.

                    CWX tends to run short and all UA stuff runs small. I'd get a Large in UA.