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Running Chick

    i've been running for 40 years; and pretty consistently run about 12 miles 3x/week.  love that distance for both physical and mental clarity.  have run in races, marathons, etc over the years.  i do not break any time records (except my own on occasion) as i run at about an 8:20 pace.....  and am overall, happy to be part of this group.   thanks!  love.


      Hello, I've been running consistently for 6 years.  I used to race a few time a year now I just run to run mainly to stay fit and clear the old noggin out.  I run 20 or so a week right now.  I used to post on coolrunning and kickrunners.  I think I'm going to like it around here.  Cheers and Happy 4th of July all!!!


        Hi Lynn, thanks for starting this thread. My name's Libet and I'm a 27 y/o runner from Florida. I have never done marathons or any race, but I like to incorporate running into my daily workout. I like what it does for my mind and body. I'd like to take running up a notch, so I'm here to see what advice others have to offer for newbies like myself...and when applicable, I offer my own advice.


          Thanks for the site and this thread.  My name is Tom and I've been running for about 10 years.  I'm 52 yo living in Lincoln, NE.  I've run 3 marathons and a number of half marathons.  We have a great trail system in Lincoln and a great running community.


          I run because it is great exercise and it is the quietest time for me during the day.  I'm an early  morning runner and it sets the tone for the day.  I'm getting over some injuries so New Years day is basically the beginning of a new base training for my half in May.


            This is an awesome site!  Glad I stumbled upon it.  I'm here to gain more insight into health and eating.

            I HATE running...but I LOVE eating!

            Still kicking

              Came over from the other place to see what's going on here. Like it already.

              You'll ruin your knees!

                Wow, how exciting to see this thread still going!  Welcome to each of you, feel free to kick your shoes off and prop your feet up!  Love reading all the intro stories!

                ""...the truth that someday, you will go for your last run. But not today—today you got to run." - Matt Crownover (after Western States)

                  ^^^ Congrats to the OP!

                  Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject.



                      I've been around the block a few times. Here, there, and kind of all over. Orignially from Colorado but have lived in nine or ten states (lost track of that).


                      As a runner in the 1970s I actually started out as a (mediocre) jumper in high school and I quit track after the first day of my senior year. I felt guitly about that and started running ('jogging') three times a week on my own as a way to contract out of gym class for my last semester. Found that I enjoyed it and decided to give racing a try, so I walked on in college, starting out with the 400/440. And even though I really tried at the 800 and mile, it wasn't until I got onto the longer distances on the roads that things came together (and that took years--like six or seven--to figure out). Although track may be my first love, cross country is my passion.


                      Other than some long-term injury setbacks, I haven't stopped running in almost 40 years. Also picked up XC ski racing along the way. As a runner I'm jack of all trades from the mile to the marathon, where I enjoy track, roads, up to very gnarly trail marathons. As a skier, I'm a distance specialist (30K to 55K).


                      I've been coaching for decades, from youth to highly competitive open masters runners. Finally, as a messageboarder I have a long, some might say checkered past, going back to the late 1990s (and dabbling a bit even before that). However, with the demise of some of my favorite sites over the past decade been sort of a refugee, most recently bouncing between a private site (more social than running) and Letsrun (more pathlological than running). I need a site where they actually talk about running, and I a lot of familiar names and faces on these boards.


                        Hi, I'm kk.


                        I have been running (unofficially) since I was about 14 years old. I just ran round the streets of the South Wales valley I lived in with no rhyme, reason or intention. It just felt good, no-one introduced me to it or harnessed it. That was quite unusual back then, it was the early 80's, a small single female runner wasn't common.


                        I ran off and on for many years, again just going out and doing it, never entering races because that wasn't even on my radar. i didn't call myself a runner, I wasn't cognitive about it. I just did it when I needed a physical release of stress or emotion.


                        Fast forward to when I was 38, a friend suggested I enter a hilly offroad 10k to keep her company. I did and did quite well, so I though I would give it a crack.


                        Currently aged 43, I've done every distance from 5k up to ultra, have been an official pacer in the London marathon and have completed triathlons from sprint distance to Double Ironman distance (4.8 mile swim, 224 miles bike, double marathon run). I have also been a wear tester for a running clothing company.


                        I can run a sub 90 min half marathon but not sub enough for anyone to get too excited about. I am passionate about running, but my passion is for actual running; just getting out there on my own or with my dog. It's intrinsic and not about finishing a race or getting a medal or prize. Ironically that's the only reason I enter most races, only if I can be podium. I don't like racing, but I like winning. So mainly now as I'm getting older, I just run.


                        I also am a race organiser/director, more so for tri but also straight running races.


                        On a personal level I work full time and am married with 2 beautiful girls (aged 12 and 9), a dog and hamster.


                        I am English and live on a picture perfect farm in the SW of England. I'm not perfect but I'm not evil and my husband is long suffering with such an amazing sense of humour.


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