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    I was training for this half marathon. The time I decided to enter the race, there was only 7 weeks left. I didn't have enough time to train for a full, so I entered the half. Prior to that, I only ran 10 miles a week since the first marathon in last May, so I didn't have the base to tackle a full this time. I ramp up very fast, from 10  miles per week to 45 miles in 5 weeks. Luckily I didn't get injured this time.


    I don't have a plan at the moment. I may think to run a marathon in fall to qualify for the Boston.


    Duh!  I didn't realize the half was your goal race.  Very impressive time.  You're obviously doing something right.  (Actually, probably a lot of things right. Smile ).

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      I did it in 1:28:20. The average pace was 6:45/mi. The elevation was 1033 ft in total. It was hard at the end, particularly the last 2 miles, It felt like just hill after hill. My first 10k was 41 minutes.


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      2200 miles ---2015

      50miler 13:26:18

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       Pistol 100 ----01/03/15 27:46:58

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