Southern Ontario: Missing Person (Read 260 times)

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    I'm proud of Tim's wife and what she has gone through and what she is doing now.

    She's a young woman, and she's going through a difficult time, but when I read this article yesterday, I realize how good the community surrounding her has been, and how mature she is in her response to this difficult situation.


    Thanks for the update.

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      It was a year ago today that this man went missing and was murdered.  (Timand his wife were very good friend of my brother's family).



      In Canada, this story made national news and still is in the news.


      There has been tremendous support for his wife and daughter and she's setup a great charity called "Tim's Tribute" that will support the families of other victims of homicide who do not receive the same support that Tim's wife received after Tim was murdered (financial, emotional, counseling, etc) .


      Regarding the accused murderers.... Two young men have now been charged with 3 counts of murder.  The other 2 murders were people associated with the CEO murderer (Millard) that died mysterious deaths (his father and his girlfriend).  An accomplice to the murder has also been arrested recently (possibly the person who dropped them off at Tim's house before the murder).


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        I read an update in the news. So awful.