I can run 500 Miles in one month! (Well...maybe...) (Read 2125 times)

    Amazing! WOW!







    Blaine Moore (MM#2867)

      Well, I only made it through day #24:



      I'm hoping to still run 31 miles at the end of the week just to finish off right (and because I'm putting on a Fat Ass 50k and it'd be nice to finish my own "race").


      Either way, there is one more weekly contest, this one sponsored by Zensah, although you need to be a user on Twitter to enter this one:


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      Needs more cowbell!

        '16 Goals:

        • Do some dus...and some CX...and some tandem gravel...and some podiums...

        • PRs

        • 130#s (or less)

        • Stop letting my core go to hell

          Even in kilometers this would be a significant achievement.

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            If anything, Blaine, your running gragh looks pretty cool!  Keep up the great work!!
              It's too bad you didn't make it, but it is better not to hurt yourself. You did make it through 24 days though. This is huge in my opinion.



                I can do 50 and that's good for me.  500 in a month is awesome, you must use up shoes a lot though

                Consistently Slow

                  Well, I only made it through day #24:

                     Well done. Good Job.

                  Run until the trail runs out.

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                    Impressive. Nicely done.

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                      Saw this: new article this morning and hope it goes okay for you today.

                      Blaine Moore (MM#2867)

                        Saw this: new article this morning and hope it goes okay for you today.


                        Thanks, it did go well.


                        I put on a Fat Ass 50k and while I'm the only person to actually run the full 31 miles, at least I only had to run 3 of them alone.  There were a few people that ran 24 miles and a few that did 21 miles; it was a good crowd.  18 people and 3 dogs ran (of the 19 and 4 that showed).


                        We tried covering the 196 miles that I wasn't able to run last week and got 229 (258 if you count the dogs).


                        It took me a little over 5 hours to cover all 31 miles - 23.75 of trail and 7.25 of roads.



                        Run to Win
                        24 Marathons, 17 Ultras, 16 States (Full List)