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    What apps are people using in this day and age for running? I personally don't often like to carry a phone on runs (though gps suggestion welcome), so any useful apps for logging, route planning, training plans, etc before and after runs?



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        For  logging, route planning, training plans, etc. I use RunningAhead.com

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          Good choice Wink. However, they don't have any iPhone apps yet so wondering what people might use if they're on the go.

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            What's the chance of joebrown and Sea biscuit being the same person?


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              I use my "elite" subscription to RunKeeper to broadcast my location when I run.  I don't rely on it as much as I used to for logging since I came here, though I do try to keep it updated.


              Fitness tracking is MyFitnessPal.


              I do enjoy running with the "Zombies, Run!" app going, though since Apple stripped podcasts out of the playlist feature, not as often.


              The Audible app is pretty handy when I'm listening to books...there's a screen you can bring up that makes all the controls gesture-based, so you're not trying to hit a tiny button on the screen while jumping over a pothole around a distracted driver, trying to pee while being chased by a dog.

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                Another account created recently, from the same area in LA, advocating the same app.

                  I'm looking for an app that will socialize me while I run.


                    Apps I might buy:

                    - App that tells me when, according to my pace, I'm going to hit a "Don't Walk" signal at the next intersection,

                    - App that tells me which sidewalks are closed each day due to public works projects,

                    - App that finds me the nearest water fountain.


                    I'm sure there are others but that's the stuff I need.

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                    My blog is JT Running DC.

                      My sister-in-law wants me to write iPee, an app that will tell you where the nearest open public restroom is.


                        Your sister-in-law is spot on!  Make sure you give her a cut of your millions.


                        My sister-in-law wants me to write iPee, an app that will tell you where the nearest open public restroom is.

                        Fate loves the fearless. – James Russell Lowell


                        My blog is JT Running DC.

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                          I like Runmeter, since it's really customizable, but intuitive enough, and can log pretty much anything you want including HR monitors. Uploading log data here though, requires a computer, and involves e-mailing a TCX file to myself, downloading to computer, then uploading to RA.



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                            I have an employer provided Blackberry. I downloaded the RunTastic, but am dissappointed. It reports I have gone a little over 1.08 miles, when my old garmin 305, which died, reported a more accurate one mile.   Do you think that is a problem with RunTastic or the phone?


                            A search of RunningAhead shows these options, which I plan to check out:
                             Handy Runner (though hasn't been updated since 2010, and seems to have become unstable)
                             Member mwalker7 posted in 'technical support' about creating an app. Anyone know the status of that project?  http://www.runningahead.com/forums/post/b040e1744c064b1484f42d1536f2e81b#focus

                              I'm almost exclusively using the Nike+ app these days. I've tried most of the other top contenders and this is the one I come back to every time. They have an awesome website that goes with the app.

                                Check out Strava or even Endomondo. That is another couple of options.


                                I think Runmeter is probably the best.

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