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Jeremy W

    Since this fall I have been doing almost all my running in the early morning.  I work from 8-5, with about a 45 minute commute.  I've been waking up around 4:45 and try to be out running by 5:20.  This has worked relatively well up until now, and led to a pretty sucessful half-marathon performance that was hampered a little by some really bad side-stitches towards the end. 


    My issue is that if I get to bed late (I try to be asleep by 10) it's really hard to get up.  And as I try to increase mileage, it becomes more difficult to wake up early enough to get my run in and get to work on time.  Also, when work gets stressful I tend to not sleep well and then sleep in rather than wake up for my run.  I was hoping that some other morning runners might have some suggestions on how to quickly get on the road in the morning, and also any tricks you might have developed to get the most out of your morning runs. 


    By the way, running at work isn't really an option because I don't have a reliable time to devote to a work out, and evenings are tough because I probably wouldn't be able to run until 7:30 or so.  But really, I'm open to any suggestions that help me be more consistent and also get enough sleep!


      I go to bed on average at 8:30 pm - I have no issues running in the morning.  In summer it gets a little harder going to bed 1 hour before dark.


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        I can relate, but my only difference is that I have a 3 mile commute to work, all side streets.  


        There have been plenty mornings when I was tempting to just sleep in and tell myself  that I'll run later in the day. Thing is, I know stuff normally comes up that I can't prevent.


        It's tough going to bed earlier than normal -- sort of like adjusting to DST -- but that's really what's necessary, as DB said.  


        What I do is just "suck it up" if you will, get up drink some cold water,do my "business", stretch my calves, dress and away I go.  If' I'm really tired at work, I might go sit in my car and take a power nap during lunch time. 


        But, all I can say is if you want to run, you might sacrifice some sleep!  Sleep is critical to recovery, and it's not ideal... but you do what you have to do. That's probably why Bill Rodgers said many years ago that no one with a full-time job would ever beat him. 


          When things are rolling in training - When I wake up I get up with urgency as it might be my only chance to run today - When things are going poorly - I reluctantly get up - But I am always happy when I have gotten a run in.  Sadly - Post run as I am walking to my car to go to work I think - "This is the best I am going to feel all day!"


          2013 Goals ~ Mar < 3:00, 5M < 29, 10k < 35  


            What they said.  I insist on being in bed by 10:00 and I get up at 5:00, running by 5:30.  It's tough, but I remind myself that I'll feel better all day as a result.  It's pretty routine now.


            I can't run evenings and be consistent.  Too many competing demands.

            Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject.

              .  Sadly - Post run as I am walking to my car to go to work I think - "This is the best I am going to feel all day!"


              so true.... 

                I have a really loud alarm clock and I put it all the way on the other side of the room.  So I have to get up to shut it off before it wakes up the kids.  Once I am up I just go downstairs.  I also find that if you turn the light on, it really helps to wake me up mentally.

                  Sadly - Post run as I am walking to my car to go to work I think - "This is the best I am going to feel all day!"



                  Well, that's just a depressing thought - kinda true, but depressing.  Though for me it's usually not - the best I feel all day is when I get home from work and my 8 y.o. comes running to give me a hug - NOTHING beats that.

                    I feel your pain. I rarely get to bed before midnight.  One trick I recommend, is finding a gym near work.  You lay out your running clothes the night before, shoes, everything.  Hang up your work clothes right near the bag.  Work shoes on top of the gym bag. Underwear and socks in the bag.  Set the coffee to start brewing at 4:00.  Alarm goes off. You don't need to think. Dress up in your sleep.  Grab the coffee, work clothes, gym bag. Out the door.  Drink the coffee on the way to the gym (you are likely beating traffic, too, because it's not piling up while you're home running).  The coffee kicks in just as you head into the gym, hang your stuff, maybe use the bathroom. Off you go.  Some days you run on the treadmill, other days the streets near the gym.  Some days you lift weights.  Then, shower and off to work.  

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                      I'm an early morning runner and I am so glad to read that someone else besides me is in bed at 8:30.


                      Running is a priority for me so I just make it part of my schedule. I'm up at 4am and out the door between 4:30 and 5:00am. I need to have my coffee. I could maybe get an extra 15mins and have the coffee ready the night before and brewed when I wake up.


                      One thing for me is, as my volume increases, the more I look forward to running. I also try to maintain weekly and monthly goals to keep me motivated.


                      I commute to work by bike and that is usually just under 30mins. Again, I could pick up some additional time if I  drove to work.


                      Run when you can...It never fails for me that if I lay in bed and allow that little voice convince me to blow of the morning run and run after work something is going to come up and not allow me to get that evening run in.


                      I've never regretted pulling my sorry rear out of bed.

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                        Nader has it: zombie mode is the trick.  Lay things out the night before and put your gear on before your brain knows what's going on.


                        I'm trying to be a morning runner, but it's just not the same as running shirtless through the lamp lit sweaty streets at midnight.

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                          On the weekends, I give myself a rest day and let my self sleep in sometimes this help make up for lost sleep, or if I need to make up for a missed run during the I may do a short run later in the morning so I can sleep in that day anyway.


                          If I am dragging ass at work, I also will sometimes take a 15 minute power nap in the car to recharge by using my cell phone as an alarm.


                          If I only get 5 or 6 hours of sleep for a couple nights in a row, then by the third night, I am wanting to get to bed early and don't have trouble getting to sleep.


                          Also on days when I am schedule to run short or do a recovery, I may choose to go on my lunch break from work.

                          When I am busy at work, the old way of thinking would be to work through lunch to get more done. I found that when I give myself time to do a short run on my lunch break, then clean up and then eat lunch at my desk, that I am more productive for the rest of the day then I would have been had I worked through lunch. I am just that much more alert, after a run.

                            Nader has it: zombie mode is the trick.


                            Yeah, avoid thinking; just go run.  The clothes are laid out in advance so you don't run out the door naked. Smile

                            Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject.

                            an amazing likeness

                              ...evenings are tough because I probably wouldn't be able to run until 7:30 or so.  But really, I'm open to any suggestions that help me be more consistent and also get enough sleep!


                              Morning or evening runner, it doesn't matter -- the hardest step is the first one out the door.  Whether you're a stiff-legged zombie with bed head because you just got up, or dreary end-of-day-just-want-to-collapse zombie after a full day's work....either way you have have a relentless commitment to taking that first step.

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