Running Miles v. Driving Miles (Read 240 times)


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      Last year I drove my vehicle @ 10,000 and ran a little over 6,000


      I could if they had a shower at work and I would not drive home at lunch to run


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        I work from home, so it isn't quite fair(I do have to transport children to school & supply shop, however).

        Last year I drove 397 miles and ran 750+(my first year running).

        This year, my goal running is 2013. I should still drive about the same as last year.


          I figured I ran more than I drive since I rarely drive.  The car is for visiting friends/family, getting to races, and weekend errands.


          Driving 12/30/11-today: 2,390

          Running 12/30/11-today: 3,527

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            Until I replaced my 1995 neon last year, I was running roughly an equivalent milage (mainly for fear of my car breaking down in BFE).  The golden rule when driving my shitty car: Never drive further than a long run home.

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              I run about 1/10th of my annual driving mileage (1,200 running vs. 12,000 driving).


              Can I count it when I'm not actually driving, but the engine is running?

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