View and compare multiple years (Read 384 times)

    I'd like to view my training as I build up to a goal race and and compare it to the training for other races that I've done.


    I really like the Calendar View as I can see daily and weekly totals and also am able to hover and use the pop up to bring up any details I want to see on a particular workout.


    So what I would like to be able to do is view my current data in Calendar view but have additional data (Maybe like what the training plan looks like).  The other data would be selected by me selecting a date to correspond with. 


    For example, I currently have a race scheduled for 10/8/11and I ran the same race last year on 10/9/10. I'd like to go to 10/8/11, and select a compare with date of 10/9/10.  Then I could view in the calendar view the daily workouts, weekly totals and comments/details on both the current training and also the corresponding workouts from a year ago.

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      When I've done something like this in the past, I've brought up two browsers and put them next to each other.  Not sure if that accomplishes what you're looking for as a stop-gap measure?

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        Would love to have this -- especially a chart that overlaid the two years.