What do you do while running? (Read 1927 times)

And in the end...

    I tend to breathe... like... a lot.


    The GITM is moot.

      I tend to breathe... like... a lot.


       I think I take more steps than breaths. I think...


        I let my mind go where it wants. This could include:

        • observing nature and whatever else is around me.
        • watching the sun rise.
        • thinking through problems.
        • planning meals or the day's activities.
        • praying.
        • worrying about getting re-injured.
        • keeping an eye on my pace.
        • planning where I would run to if I was attacked.
        • thinking about the other runners I see (not so many others around these days -- it's too cold and dark when I run).
        • thinking about work stuff.
        • deciding on Christmas gifts.


        I would add:


        Wonder if the people passing by think I'm crazy runing in the heat/cold

        Wonder why I would care what they think

        Watch for the friendly yellow dog that likes to head-butt me in the seeds

        Dance around like an idiot to avoid stepping on snakes

        Enjoy being tuned out

        Marvel at the things my body is capable of doing

        Give thanks that I can

        2013 -Sub 2:00 for 1/2 marathon


          Oh I also count a lot, 1 to 20, 20 to 1,1 to 100 etc.

           Never run, if you want to never run, don't start because you'll never stop.

            What's is this thing you call running?

              Lately I've gotten into listening to audio books.

              2015 Goals

              Run 1,800 miles

              Do 10 minutes of core work every day

              10 mile goal: 1:12:00 (Black Cat 10 miler - March)


                I start thinking about work, then get pissed off that I'm thinking about work when I'm not AT work.  This can go on for miles.


                  I am pretty good at zoning out.  I look around as much as I can.  I try not to face plant.  (I hate when that happens...)

                  Hollie S.

                  Merry Christmas!

                    haha...I just think about everything, sing(which does not sound pretty out of breath), listen to the (mostly annoying) songs running through my head, just do whatever I start doing impulsively.

                    I wish I was as young as I look in the forum picture! But I'm not. :(

                    Interval Junkie --Nobby

                      > What do you do while running?


                      Funny, I have no idea.

                      2015 Goals: Chicago Marathon PR

                      Current Status 04/23: Having a good time running with grumps


                        Either listen to iPod or talk with friend Zach. (he's also a runner)

                        Slymoon Runs

                        race obsessed

                          Observe the world, whether it be in the park (bobcats are a hoot to watch, and they like to watch back) or on the roads (drivers... digging for gold).  


                          Also, solve problems... lots of time to think and solve problems.


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                            Oh I also count a lot, 1 to 20, 20 to 1,1 to 100 etc.


                            This.  Can't explain it but I count everything. Usually in time with each left footed step


                              This.  Can't explain it but I count everything. Usually in time with each left footed step


                              You both should look up OCD ( I do some similar stuff)

                              I need a snack.

                                I usually listen to podcasts until I get bored then switch to music when I get bored.  I like Joe Rogan Podcast and the Football Ramble (soccer).