1st 10 mile run!!! (Read 979 times)

    NIce job. It always feels great for such an accomplishment!  Keep up the good work.Smile

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      This makes me smile.  Great job!

      Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject.

          Thought it would take me at least until the end of this summer to accomplish my goal of a 10 mile run!  Asides from a little leg soreness and some chafing I feel awesome, and whats even more surprising to me is that I felt great while I was running, not at all what I expected!


        Congratulations!  It's such a great feeling to be ahead of schedule!  Smile


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          WTG.  Awesome job!!  I was crying after my first double digit run (also due to a miscalculation) so I salute you.

          fast momma!

            Not to burst your bubble, but with the metric system you would have hit double-digits a lot sooner.



            her goal wasn't to run a double digit, it was to run a ten miler.  I think it is great you hit your run ahead of your end-of summer goal, what a great feeling to go farther than you EVER have before!

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