How long do you basebuild? (Read 1842 times)


    Do you have a maximum amount of time you spend in basebuilding, or a maximum miles per week, or is it solely determined by goal races?





    ETA - I didn't mean to post this but to send it in a message to an individual person but apparently I did.  So feel free to answer if you want or not if you don't.  Oops!

      so...I'm going to be the first person to ask.  For what?


      Are you talking about a marathon....or an ultra?


      I think people will say base mileage of 50-70 for a decent marathon, 100+ miles for a ridiculous time (that's directed at you Perry), and 80+ for an ultra.  I read the ultra info yesterday on an ultra website, so that was just one person's opinion. 


      I was mid 50's for my 3:39 marathon.


      And then there's genes, age, and all that fun stuff. 

        I have been running about 4 -5 years now, and have no idea what base building means.  My take on this is to run for a while and pick races appropriate to your mileage and temperament (some like to run fast, short races, some like marathons and Ultras) and pick a training plan that gets you to your race from your current mileage level and follow it. 


        "Run lots, mostly easy, sometimes fast" seems to work for a lot of folks on this board.  What lots, easy and fast is up to you to decide, the fast for me is occasional races.


          When I started running I figured a good 10 year base building period was the best - I am almost to year 8 ...


          To answer your question it is dependent on so many things


          1)  What is my current fitness level - The worse shape I am in, the longer I base build, sometimes I cut out speed training to lengthen my base building

          2)  The length of time to goal race certainly will play into my base building strategy

          3)  Ideally I like 2 cycles a year - About 20 weeks each.  With 4-8 weeks of base building depending on starting fitness level

          4)  The type of race can determine base building period - For 24 hour racing, it is mainly all base building and not nearly as dependant on speed work


          **  Reality is that I usually get fat between cycles and I am forced into base building until I lean down a bit.  Its hard to run anything but slow at 235-240 pounds.  2-3 months I get back downt to racing weight = 200#

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            At this point, I tend to build base for whatever I have time for - race distance doesn't matter. Actually, I'm base building most of the time, but I do usually increase proportion of higher efforts, speed work, or hills by certain dates or when the snow melts - and that's when the races start.


            It was approximately one week ago when I had my first snow-free, mud-free (as in post breakup) run this year. My first non-snow race is tomorrow, and it's my most technical race. When I tried to do some agility work (so as not to trip on rocks) a few weeks ago, the steps I had planned to use still had snow on them and were getting snowed on at the time. I did more hill work, but that's base.


            When I first started, I was able to increase base over the years by running longer each day and then more frequent runs, but the last few years I don't seem to get above 30mpw in winter, 40-50 in summer, which is about 9hr/wk (varies around 8-12hr/wk in summer, 6-9hr/wk in winter). (all my runs are outside, most on trails)

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              One Year Base Building before my First HM,

              But I was sedentary for a decade prior.

              My weak performance in my first HM was actually a huge leap in fitness for me.


              My 2nd HM will be Base Building 28 weeks and then Race Day.


              I'm a non-competitive back-of-the-pack'er






                as long as possible

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                  registered for 1st full in 30 yrs in Nov.    so in essence have been "basebuilding" for approx 3 yrs (+ or -), although was not even thinking about running a marathon when started back up consistently back in 08.  I realize that you are looking for something more specific, but just added this to compliment what big boy stated- "as long as possible"

                    > How long do you basebuild?


                    For the rest of my (running) life.

                    Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject.


                      As long as it is necessary


                        Hey Aussie Girl,


                        If you decide to go for an ultra marathon here is a great program for a 50 mile training program