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    I notice that since the last redesign the widgets on the summary page are really easy to add and move, which is awesome. The problem is that most of the time I am entering runs or looking at my training log from my mobile, and it seems like about 2 or 3 times a week I wind up accidentally grabbing one of the widgets and moving it when all I'm really trying to do is drag the screen over. And for some reason, once I move one of the widgets messing up my summary page, I can't then grab it and move it back. It seems I can only manage to drag and drop one of the widgets when I don't mean to. So I wind up waiting until the next time I'm on RA from a PC to rearrange my summary page back to the way I want it.


    It's not a huge deal and I have no idea what the fix would be but it's kind of an annoyance. Any ideas?




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      Just wanted to say that I experience the exact same problem.  It isn't the end of the world but I almost want to avoid viewing my training log when on a mobile device because of this.  Works awesome on the PC though.


      FYI, this happens to me on an Andorid phone (GS3).

        Several weeks ago, I tried to get the drag and drop functionality to work on touch screen devices.  I did all my testing on the iPad because it has a big screen and more importantly, it has a version of Safari that allows me to debug javascript.  Everything worked well and I was happy... until I tested with the iPhone and Android phones.  I wouldn't be too surprised if it didn't work on the Android phones, but it also didn't work on Safari on the iPhone.  I thought Safari is Safari, regardless of the platform.


        Which device are you using?

          I'm using a driod RAZR m by Motorola. Its running Android 4.1.1 which has Chrome as the stock browser.

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            I had the same issue on my iPhone.  What if changes required a save button click/tap to make permanent?

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              I have the same issue on my iPad when I'm trying to shrink the display down or slide things to the side.

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