Garmin 410 Discontinued - Reason? (Read 451 times)


    HI - I got my 405CX through WalMart- And I love it! I was using my phone for GPS tracking of my runs. The Garmin needs to be charged  at least once a week, Im doing it about every 3 days. The touch bezel is not an issue at all. Only minor issue so far has been that when it gets wet, the backlight for the watch comes on. Thats it. The button to START/STOP is easy to use. I like the HR monitoring. I found the Virtual Trainer to be distracting, so I turned that feature off. But Im loving my new toy- especially for $109 ! - I didnt get the extended warranty ($20 I think) If this lasts 1 year, its more than paid for the investment and I'll likely stick with GARMIN. I keep looking at the Fenix.

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