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Will Crew for Beer

    We're going to be flying to Florida for vacation and to minimize the amount of luggage we need to take I'm considering taking just a single pair of shoes with me. I'd want something that would be comfortable enough to wear all day, but could also be used for short easy runs. Anyone have any suggestions?



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      Looking at your log, looks like you've got some good options with your NB 7xxx that have a couple hundred miles on them.  They won't be "hurt" by wearing them around.  If you're really looking for something that isn't a running shoe for casual wear so that you're not doing everything in running shoes, that you could run a few miles each day...then obviously this isn't a good solution.

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      Will Crew for Beer

        That was my first thought, but then I thought it would be a good excuse to buy some new shoes Big grin

          Last vacation I took my Nike Frees.  Look great, comfy to walk around in, light mesh so they don't get too sweaty.  But I can't run more than 4 miles in them yet as my calves are still adapting.


          Anyway, it was nice to pack light.

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            Id take two pairs of shoes ---- one for walking around and one for running in (that can substitute for walking shoes if you find you need a second pair)......   I find that I normally need 2 pairs on a trip, no matter what I think beforeI head out...

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            Will Crew for Beer

              I decided to go check out the Nike Frees, but I didn't like the way they fit. The arch felt kind of funky to me. They also had the Reebok Realflex and I kept seeing that commercial in my head with the 76 little training buddies, so I figured what the heck. They were pretty darn comfortable and felt good walking. I drank the kool-aid and bought a pair. I'll take them out for a short test run later this week and see how they do.

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                I just grab a pair and go. 

                  Flip flops.

                  Runners run.

                  Will Crew for Beer

                    Flip flops.


                    I can't even walk in flip flops. I'd seriously hurt myself if I tried to run in them.

                      Oh I wouldn't run in them but if I was going to take 1 pair of shoes to Florida for vacation, it would be flip flops.

                      Runners run.

                        Last time I was in Florida, I packed my regular runners to [obviously] run in, and then a pair of sandals for the rest of the time.

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