RIP Mr. Treadmill (Read 566 times)



    I love and hate mine.


    96, I will point out. Not too shabby.

      "Staub envisioned it as a tool for people who wanted to run or walk outside but didn't because of inclement weather, less-than-ideal circumstances or creative excuses, his son said."

      Cool Jump Suit

        Sad....he never went anywhere in life.  96 is a ripe old age though.   Good thing he never saw what I did to my last treadmill.

        The kiss goodnight, it comes with me,
        Both wrong and right, our memories. 
        The whispering before we sleep,
        Just one more thing that you can't keep.

        Our favorite place we used to go,
        The warm embrace that no one knows.
        The lovin' look that's left your eyes,
        But I know in time we'll find this was no surprise.