Clear out your history on your Garmin Forerunner (Read 306 times)

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    Did you try a soft (or hard) reset of your Forerunner to reset it?



    Aargh, I saw the link and decided it had been a while since I had updated my Garmin, so I went there.  The ANT Agent has downloaded the update, but the update to the watch keeps failing.  It tries again every 1 minute and keeps failing, plus my watch keeps vibrating every minute.  I have an email in to support, but it's the weekend.  Anybody experience this before?

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      What I didn't mean to imply was "automatically" as you describe about Garmin Connect. (which I don't experience. In GC I have to click on an "upload" link in the upper right).


      What I was sharing was that in your RA log, you should be able to click on "Upload from GPS" and have the data come in directly.



      Ok Smile

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        Did you try a soft (or hard) reset of your Forerunner to reset it?



        What I had to do was update the ANT agent and then tell it to stop trying to update the watch.  The watch is saying it has the most up to date version, even if the website says I still have an update.  More importantly, it's not vibrating on the cradle every one minute.


        Oh, and for the record, tech support got back to me today even though it's a Saturday, with several specific steps of things to try. Smile

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