Frank Shorter Quote...Inspiring or Depressing? (Read 1991 times)

    <h6>My marathon training plan is pretty simple. Just run 120 miles a week, and get on the track about 3 times a week, running at 5k pace 400, 800, and/or 1200m repeats. And run 20 miles every Sunday. It's that easy. I liked running mostly 400m repeats at my 5k pace, which for me was at about 65 seconds per lap. I would do a few dozen with active recoveries. Marathon training is really that simple.
    - Frank Shorter at the Mankato Marathon Weekend Expo Oct. 22, 2011



    That's all, huh?

    - Me


    (Note: italics and underline added by me...he said this very casually without my added emphasis.)

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      As for the "just", I just apply that to the word "simple"... he's not saying what he did was no big deal... he's saying there aren't lots of freaky workouts and additional complexities.  "It's just running".


      As for a few dozen, oh my.


      And 3 times a week on the track.  Zip zap zoop.


        You're exactly correct in the point he was trying to make.  It just struck me while I was sitting there how much of a freak (meant in the best  possible way and with all due respect, as he is my biggest hero) he was. 

        2014 Goals:

        Not destroy my back while running.

          3 dozen laps is just 9 miles. Yeah, a lot to do at 5K pace, but a lap at a time, with recoveries... I don' t know. I never go below 600m repeats, so it's hard for me to get a sense of how tough you have to be to do that. I like the 600s. The 1200s, not so much.

            Although these days it seems that the world class guys put a lot more store on doing longish runs at (or very nearly at) marathon pace.

              Neither. It's nice to know training can be that simple and to have an example of good training from which to extrapolate.  

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              Feeling the growl again

                It says "there is no magic formula to make this easy, so quit looking for it and get down to work".


                It's only depressing if you are lazy.

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                  Why do you say he is a freak?


                  I kind of have the vague impression that 120mpw isn't particularly freakish at that level?


                  Or is it something to do with the intervals?

                  It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.

                  Just a dude.

                    I think the OP is just impressed by his seemingly casual attitude to what seems like difficult training at first glance.


                    I think Shorter's original point is that running is pretty simple.  Here are 3 or 4 basic ingredients. If someone puts them together at this quantity and intensity, they should be looking to win marathons.  His point was that knowing his VO2 max or his 30 minute tempo pace or eating a diet high in anti-oxidants was NOT the magic key.  It was doing simple training, and a lot of it.


                    To me, it shows that it is all relative.  I look at 120 mpw, and know that to do that, first I have to run 100 mpw, and before that 80... If running marathons at that level was my goal, I would have to train for years to get good enough that I could train at that level.  I'd be stupid to try running 120 miles next week with 3 sessions of 24 400s each.  


                    Our goal, when we read that, is to figure out how to get there (if being competitive in the marathon is important to us.) If I am running 40 mpw right now at 9 minute mile pace, how do I run 60 mpw at 8 minute pace next year. If I can do one strong workout a week right now, how do I incorporate a second strong work out per week? Each year I get closer, and I can see the path perhaps more clearly. It might take 5 or 10 years. Many people might never be able to do it. 


                    My point is, often we have to train to get better so we can do better training.



                    Getting back in shape... Just need it to be a skinnier shape... 


                      Just translate in terms of time and pacing and away you go.


                      Or take the Ed Whitlock approach.  Just run 2-3 hours every day and forget the pacing.

                        In what other sport can you become an olympic gold medal winner on 12 hours of training a week?

                        You'll ruin your knees!

                          In what other sport can you become an olympic gold medal winner on 12 hours of training a week?

                           Curling?  Unless, of course, you count the beer drinking as part of the training...

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                            Frank's not a bad hero to have.  Congrats on your 10k victory, looks like that mileage is paying off for you.  Keep it rolling!

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                              Frank's not a bad hero to have.  Congrats on your 10k victory, looks like that mileage is paying off for you.  Keep it rolling!



                              Thanks.   I plan on being on the Shorter plan eventually....I need about another year to get up to that mileage consistantly without getting hurt.

                              2014 Goals:

                              Not destroy my back while running.

                                I think Jeff and Spaniel put it best


                                And I like the quote