Am I building my weekly mileage base too quickly? (Read 285 times)


    I have been running now for just over 2 years. Over this past June I took 5-6 weeks off. Since then I have been trying to get back into my usual routine, but my legs seem to always be tired now. It doesn't help that the temperature is always in the mid-80s when I am running. I went for my long run tonight and it was a gruelling 10 miles. I am on target to do 40 miles this week again if I run 6 miles tomorrow and on Sunday. Thanks





      It's possible.  Usually, when I find my legs feeling tired, it's because I need new shoes.  I notice you have a bunch of miles on your shoes.  You might want to consider trying a new pair.

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        Glancing at your log, I'd say no.  Your buildup really happened back in July with those 3 steady build weeks to close out the month.


        Have you considered  working on some more variety in your daily 6mi run, looking to have something in the week that breaks the routine pattern?  Maybe tempo or interval on Tuesdays, a bit more distance on Thursday (aka mid-week long), then into your weekend long run.

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           Over this past June I took 5-6 weeks off. 


          Wow, your June was much longer than mine. Wink


          Summers are hard.  For me, when it's in the 80s I ALWAYS feel like crap and I just have to do what I can, and trust that when the weather cools off in the fall I will see the fruits of my labor.  Usually, I do, if I kept my nose to the grindstone.  Don't continue to increase your mileage, and perhaps take a lower week or a couple low/off days to see if it makes a difference.

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