Running in Venice (Read 555 times)

    So I am Venice for the next 2 days and need to get in a 13 mile run.


    Anyone on here from Venice?  I tried mapping a run and just to get about 5 miles I think I was on 200 different streets and crossing about 50 bridges!

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    5k - 19:30

    10k - 40:30?

    21k - 1:29:59



      Maybe you can take the boat to Lido di Venezia...You're on the northern  side of a very long island then, and you might run south to Alberoni. 


      (I'm not from Italy, but we were in Venice a few times.)

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        From what I understand, Venice is a better town for swimming.

          Having experienced the water in Venice, I disagree.


          I was hoping this thread would be about Venice CA.


          Imminent Catastrophe

            Venice is not good for running. If you can find your way onto the causeway to the mainland you could get a good out-and-back.

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              I think I will try the causeway tomorrow.  I did manage to find the bus terminal today so I assume it runs north from there.


              That will be good!

              2015 Goals

              2500 miles 

              Enjoy my first Boston Marathon

              5k - 19:30

              10k - 40:30?

              21k - 1:29:59




                I see just now the post, I'm italian, I'm curios about your course, have you found a way?
                I suggest to found a long road  and run along this to cover the target of 13 miles.


                fondamenta zattere al ponte  to---> fondamenta salute  about 13 times

                side nord giudecca fondamenta san eufemio to fondamenta san giovanni  about 12 times



                freedom road solution


                via della liberta to san giuliano and back