How long is my data stored on RunningAhead? (Read 729 times)

    How long are workouts stored?


    I was looking for some activities in 2008 but there is nothing prior to May-2009.  If there is no archiving of old data, any ideas on how the workouts were removed?  User error --> me or something else that might have happened?



      I think they are stored for ever.  My log goes back to 2002.

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        I started on RA in 2007 and can see everything all the way back to the beginning.

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          I put in my first workout on 1/1/2007.  It is still there.

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            All my old stuff is there too, including the stuff I imported when I joined and old races I input for PR info. 

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              I want to enter all the miles I've ever logged and have back to 1992 logged, although not completely. So I think you can pretty much take it back to your earliest running.

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                RA does not archive or delete data unless you explicitly delete them.  I restored a copy of the database from 2010 and there is no record of any data before 2009.  I'm thinking that the most likely reason for your missing data is you never recorded them here on RA.

                    I restored a copy of the database from 2010 and there is no record of any data before 2009. 



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