Mizuno.... (Read 3797 times)

    thanks.  I'll look at both

      I have a pair of NB890V4. Very comfortable shoe, but I don't think the toe box is very wide. They're the shoes I brought on vacation and I miss my Mizunos. They might work out for you though. I also find the outersole is much softer than that of Mizunos. I supinate a bit and it barely shows underneath all my Mizunos, but there's severe wear under the 890V4 where my foot strikes the ground after only 200 miles.


      I think the New Balance 890s are around 8mm drop.

        Can't wait to try them. I'll probably try to get a few pairs of original Sayonaras if I get a good deal though.


        I got the Sayonara 2s last week.  OMG.  They really improved the Sayonaras.  Love them.