FitBit or another brand? (Read 236 times)

Feeling the growl again

    Could be that the Fitbit clasp has nickel in it. Some people can have reactions and get rashes from nickel and sweating usually makes it worse.


    That point is hotly debated.  Doesn't seem that anyone knows for sure.


    MTA:  It comes out of China, who knows.  Perhaps it has melamine in it.

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    not lazy, just tired

      Had a fitbit one, fell out of its holder a couple of times, but I, luckily, found it.  My problem was forgetting that it was clipped to my clothes and running it through the wash. Survived the first wash after being dried in rice, but gave up the ghost after the second time.


      Had a jawbone, but the battery would go from fully charged to zip in a flash whenever I wore it outside in cold weather, even though it was next to my skin and under multiple layers including a ski parka. Gave up on it.

      Not if it makes sense.

        The Garmin Vivofit is the best out there, in my opinion.  I really resesrched it.  Read DCRainmaker's write up about it.  There are a couple of negatives, but the positives outweigh.  It has a display, unlike many of the others.  It has a one year battery life.  Synchs wirelessly with your phone.  Negatives are no backlight or vibration (hence the long battery life) and the need to add a keeper loop to ensure the clasp doesn't spring open,


        I have a Vivofit and love it.  One year of battery life, and truly waterproof.  I swim with it on (and usually fail to log it on RA), use the HR monitor to get calories from weight lifting, and never take it off (except for my wedding).  I never have to worry about taking it off to charge it or about killing it with water.  It's been great.  I don't mind the lack of backlight (I don't even check my GPS when I'm running at night--just after--so it's a non-issue to me), and I've found it to be accurate and durable.

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          I have a Fitbit Flex, and I love it.  I haven't had any skin issues.  I wear it loose and don't usually wear it in the shower, which I'm sure helps, but I imagine it varies a lot from person to person.


          I like the sleep and step data, as well as the calories burned estimation.  I'm sure I look pretty silly with both my Garmin and my Fitbit on my wrist when I run, but I'm obsessed Smile

            To that point, I was thinking of trying Nike's new +RunLogic .


            but I'm obsessed Smile

            Failure is a good place to start.


              I have been wearing a FitBit Flex daily since mid-June.


              I love the thing.  It really has helped me get visibility into my calorie intake and burn.  (The FitBit itself isn't the magic. I think any of the different trackers could have the same benefit.)


              I was given the FitBit One, but didn't like the model of having to keep up with the wrist thing for sleeping and keeping track of it being in my pocket.  I exchanged it for a Flex, which is more simple for me.  I only take it off when I charge it when it tells me the battery is running low.  (I do take it off if I swim, which isn't as often as it should be.)


              I wear it rather loosely on my wrist and haven't had any issues with a rash.  I pretty much forget that I have it on.


              The FitBit is just the first step.  I also use MyFitnessPal.com as a food log and the site syncs with the FitBit site.  Both the FitBit and MyFitnessPal (MFP) also have mobile phone apps.  MFP has a better food database than FitBit, which makes it easier to log.


              This is the first time I've been successful tracking my calories for more than a few days.  This has been the major benefit.  I'm making smarter choices on what I'm eating.  I also find it easier to pass on the office donuts because - Hey, I'm NOT putting THAT into my log!  (Which is stupid.  I know. I should be saying that I'm not putting that into my mouth!)


              The wonderful thing about fitness trackers is that they keeps up with your calories burned through exercise.  So... when my daily limit is 2,000 calories, but I do a 5 or 10 mile run, I can eat an additional 800-1,600 calories that day and still stay within my net calorie budget. The numbers are estimates, but you don't have to be super precise when your goal is weight loss.


              So far, I've lost about 12 lbs in just over 60 days.  I'm about halfway to my goal . Blood pressure is down.  I just PR'ed a 5k.  Granted, the weight loss has slowed down but still slowly moving in the right direction.  I recommend it!


                 I'm sure I look pretty silly with both my Garmin and my Fitbit on my wrist when I run, but I'm obsessed Smile


                I'm right there with ya!  I wear them both.


                I like the data I get from the Garmin and I've been tracking my runs that way for years.  I would find that hard to give up.


                However, the iPhone app for the FitBit is pretty good at tracking also.


                  I have the fitbit zip and love it.  It really has made me aware of how easy it is to NOT get enough movement in on travelling days.


                    To that point, I was thinking of trying Nike's new +RunLogic .



                    It's funny 'cause it's true.