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    I didn't shit myself or anything! ....and while the photo is funny, it is not flattering! Haha!


    Sorry but those photos are classic!  Big grin


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      Banana phone


      Would be a good band name...

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        Ring ring ring ring ring ring banana phone!

        Being the best tiny spec that I can be!

          Ring ring ring ring ring ring banana phone!

           It's a phone with a peel!

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            New to this whole running thing: I was very happy to be introduced to Body Glide.  Much better than the Vasaline I was using, which stained all my shorts in dubious ways.  I'm about half way through my first stick.  BG seems to last at least through 12 miles.  If I find it breaking down I think I'll try some of the suggestions from this thread -- thanks.

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              Lanacane works good for me

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