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    It seems that since Garmin has updated their connect interface to Garmin Express vs. ANT Agent, the upload GPS option no longer works on this site. This is a bummer; does anyone else have the same issue? Is there a get well date?


    I was referred to a site called https://tapiriik.com/ but I'm not sure that it interfaces with runningahead.




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      I am having the same issue

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        You will not be able to upload directly to RunningAhead if you install Garmin Express.


        There was a discussion topic on Garmin Express in the Technical Support section.

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          Still, Garmin Connect exports to CSV, but there is not an option for a Garmin Connect CSV import. Not a programmer, so I don't know how feasible it would be to build it in. It would allow someone to upload multiple runs at a time.

          I have enjoyed this site for some years now; I hate that my run data is now split between sites.

          If you don't know where you're going, chances are you will end up somewhere else. - Yogi Berra

            I hope this all works out since I've been happy with my Garmins (other than the fact that the 610s band is unreliable $hit)...

            When I was at some running store this spring someone tried to show me on some TomTom or something and my first thought was "does it work with RA." I had to explain to the sales person that if the watch doesn't integrate with the website where I log my runs I'm not interested. I have no immediate plans to buy anything that doesn't work with RA. That would be dumb.


            And I don't want a multi step process. Right now I set my watch next to my computer then 2-3 clicks later my run is loaded. The RunForth app  integrates with zero steps but I don't think the iPhone gps is better and I still prefer a watch.