2013 Sub-19 5K (Read 1930 times)

    19:10 today for 2nd overall.  I once again experienced the hamstring tightness I've been fighting for the last 5 months every time I try to go fast. I'm still pleased with the results, but I'm tired of fighting the hamstring.

      I'm gonna take a whack at a really HARD 5k this Saturday.  I've not seen/run the course before and have no clue if it's PR-friendly ... but it's time to let go of safety and put it on the line.

      DNS -- a painful knee yesterday evening and night, and continuing SAT morning had me scratch.  Sigh.


      Going to re-schedule for a local FRI-evening race.

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        mnyce, CliveF: Sorry that your bodies are ruining your chances. I'm not sure if that's better or worse than running hard, when you just can't go any faster.


        I ran a half marathon in the weekend and I crossed the 5K line at 19:23. I was running pretty relaxed at the point which tells me that it should be pretty easy for me to run sub-19. I should just sign up for a race finally!


        Sir Mix a Lot

          18:57 this weekend. Had a weak 2nd mile but overall I'll take it considering the last few months.



          lots of great race results on here, keep up the good work.

            Way to hang on and get it done, nickshawn!

            “Everything you need is already inside.” -- Bill Bowerman

            Future running partner.

              I'll go in on this. Although I haven't even broken 20 yet since I was in HS. My PR is only 20:17. I have a 5k coming up a week from Saturday. So my main goal is to get under 20, but the way my workouts have been going lately, I feel like there is a chance for me to go sub-19.


                Way to go nickshawn! Congratulations!


                EnjoyTheRide: Welcome! I actually have a mantra that contains your nick. When I try to hold back during the race or training, I tell myself "Just sit back and enjoy the ride!" Which is pretty crazy, because it usually means to run, say 6:30 miles instead of 6:00 miles.




                    I will launch my attempt this morning. It is slightly too warm (68 F) and very humid (87%), the course is a bit hilly, so it won't be that easy.



                      Future running partner.

                        Dougal -- Awesome race. Even if you just missed it, it sounds like you would have easily made it under better circumstances. The silver lining is that if you do another 5k you will be very confident that you can get under 19.


                        Csab -- I'd like to know how you did as well.


                        Myself -- 19:44! Second in my age group out of 15. 6th overall out of 255. I knocked about 33 seconds off my previous PB (excluding the times I ran in HS) which I ran back in November. Here is my report:




                        No mile markers on the course so had to go entirely on feel.
                        Started fast but felt comfortable and loose. Actually led for about the first 100 meters because of adrenaline and nerves. Settled in to a a comfortable rhythm shortly afterward even felt a little week about a quarter mile in due to the fast start.
                        At a half mile in things started to feel normal.
                        The First mile is almost all down hill so I let the hill settle me into a fast comfortable rhythm.
                        Mile 2 has a steady but not very steep uphill followed by a steady down hill, so I didn't let the hill bother me and just focused on how short the course felt this time and kept telling myself, "I feel good".
                        When I new I was at about 2 miles, is when I started to really push and let my self embrace the discomfort. The last mile is almost all up hill but I just kept pushing hard and kept saying "just a little longer."
                        I new exactly where the 3 mile mark was and when I came across it at almost 19 minutes, I new I had it in the bag. I still kicked it in with what I had left, just in case. I was glad to see 19's on the board as I was approaching the finish and to know I was going to finally make my sub 20 5k goal. YEAH!


                        Overall I am very happy to finally break 20. I've been targeting this goal for about 3 or 4 years now.

                        Maybe next year I can target sub 19.


                          18:32! I raced it well, it was the best I was capable of today. I'll write up a report later.

                            Wow, congrats all around. Great result nickshawn... coming back after a weak middle is tough! And excellent racing to everyone else, things are really cranking around here. Thanks for the writeup ETR and csab I'm looking forward to reading yours (race report junkie right here). Having convinced myself that it's good for working on leg turnover 1 week before my goal half marathon, I am running a last minute 5k this evening - hopefully I can match some of the success I'm seeing around here!

                              I'm back, and it's no dice once again! Pacing was a lot better this time, which is something: 6:03 and 6:07 for the first two and then the heat got to me a bit (76F, humid and no wind) and mile 3 was 6:18.. in all 19:15. Not a bad result, but for now I'm stuck here in the low 19s. Next week the half, then some rest and hopefully I can wring a little more out of this training cycle.


                                Dougal12: How annoying that 2 seconds, due to traffic! But don't despair: now you know you can do it; just sign up for another race and do it.


                                EnjoyTheRide: Congratulations! 20 minutes is a big milestone! I remember those times when I considered it nearly impossible. Just some more training, and it becomes routine.


                                blargendarg: It's a nice race in trying conditions. 76 degrees and humid makes it much harder.


                                Me: my RR is on my blog: