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    A co-worker's Dw donated her kidney to her son. 27 years later the kidney gave out so he donated his. All are doing fine.

    It really is an amazing thing.


      Make sure your healthcare power of attorney - the person who will make your medical decisions for you if you are unable - is aware of your decision, and will have the courage to agree to donation.


      The decision for organ donation can be, and frequently is, overridden by family, in part because end of life care was not discussed in advance. This can happen whether or not you are registered as an organ donor.

        My younger sister has CF and this is a topic near and dear to my family.  As a result of her medical needs, my family has met quite a few organ recipiants and expereinced and shared stories about the process.  My sister is now 33 and happily married thanks to multiple organ donations.


        She received lungs from an annonymous hero and when those rejected she received lungs from my older sister and I (15 years and going strong).  Due to the stress on her body of the anti-rejection meds, she needed a kidney and got one from my brother-in-law and when that one rejected after a few years, she received one from our cousin.


        Thank you to everyone for your stories and for making the decision to donate.

        Jeff F

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          Thank you for sharing; I have been signed up for years and in my family we talk about this quite often.


          I work with many special people, but two are very special.  We saw a brother donate a kidney so that his sister could live a healthy life, it is a joy to see that happening.

            Yep, good stuff.  My driver's license (like many of yours, I'm sure) in red text says, "Organ Donor" with a nice red heart next to it.


            Also, some years ago I signed up on the national bone marrow registry.  Everyone should do this also, IMHO.

            - Joe

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